Quentin Quire Fit Check

Today is the start of something new here at the volcano base. We’re going to call it the Quentin Quire Fit Check. For those of you who’ve been reading comics for a while, you know, there was a span of time where Quentin Quire had a new, pithy, weird, funny t-shirt, every issue. Probably even more than one per issue. 

And I’ve always kind of wanted to catalog those and get them all together but it’s never really worked out. And this feels like a good way to do that. I can kind of provide some context, get into it a little bit, and we can just all laugh at the amazing shirts. 

New X-Men Vol 1 #135

Quentin Quire Sweater Vest
(Now, I know Quentin was in New X-Men 134, but the less is said about that sweater vest, the better.)

We’re going to start with new X-Men 135.

 So we’re just going to start right with 135… 135 as the big dog, the shirt that launched a thousand bootleg stores, right? That’s right. 

Magneto. Was. Right. Bright red shirt, big black lettering with Magneto’s face on it. Quentin is wearing this very obviously to piss of Xavier here.

He is not the Quentin we know. Now, Quentin has had a journey, and this Quentin is very mutant supremacist. “Let’s enslave all the humans, get rid of the flatscans,” and just kind of going down a bad path, not helped by the fact that he’s taking the mutant drug kick. I’m not going to go into it because we don’t have time for that convoluted nightmare.

The other thing to keep in mind here is like Magneto had just died recently back in like, I want to say, ISSUE 114 or 116 of New X-Men at the hands of Cassandra Nova in Xavier’s long lost twin sister. Again, comics. We’re going to have to save her for another time. So Quentin sees this revolutionary cut down on his prime.

Being this person he can look up to cut down and he is mad, and it just reinforces his mutant supremacy vibes. And that’s where we get Magneto Was Right. 

Wrap It Up

I am really looking forward to this. It’s going to be an irregular schedule. It’s pretty much whenever I feel like it. So keep an eye out

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